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Nigel Whitfield, September 2006
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Welcome to the work page; via this page you can read the text of various pieces that I've written. Choose a client from the list and you'll see a list of titles with a short synopsis of each one; if you prefer, you can see all the available articles on one page or forthcoming articles, instead. The Read article link will open each article in a new window, in a format that should be suitable for printing out, if you wish.

Some of the articles are split into sections, and you'll find a link to the next section at the bottom. The same will also happen if you're reading an article that's part of a series, such as my PHP tutorial.

Please remember that, though the articles are freely available here, they are still my work, and my copyright; please don't reproduce them elsewhere without permission.


The examples of my work that you'll find via this section of my site are based on my original text, as submitted to the various clients.

I've tried to ensure that there aren't any mistakes or errors, but when work is sent to a magazine, there's a whole team of people doing that for me. As a result, you may find that a few have crept in here, or that the articles as you read them here aren't exactly the same as you saw them in print - though any differences will usually be minor.

Obviously, for copyright reasons, I can't reproduce the pages from the magazines themselves, and to make it simpler to get the articles online, I've not added screen shots and other diagrams.