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Nigel Whitfield, September 2006
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Welcome to Nigel I'm a freelance journalist and editor, with experience in a wide range of fields, and articles published in many of the UK's leading computer magazines, as well as national newspapers and a couple of books.

On this site you can find out about my experience, the skills that I have to offer as a freelance, and read extracts from some of my articles.

There are also links to published articles elsewhere online, and to some of my other projects and work around the internet.

So, whether you're looking for an experienced writer or editor, or just want to revisit some of the magazine articles that I've written in the past, I hope you find these pages useful.

You'll find CV, experience and contact details in the “About Me” area; under “My Work” you can read extracts from some articles on this site, and see more about what I've done in the past, while the “Links” section contains links to material that I've written but which can't, for copyright or other contractual reasons, be included on this site directly.

In the right hand panel you'll often find useful explanations, and some supplementary links and background material about the information in the main part of the page.

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