Internet phone handsets


This part of the piece on internet phone handsets explains the different types of providers that you can use to make calls over the internet.

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Internet phone service providers

There are, broadly speaking, three types of internet phone company. There’s Skype, which uses its own simple to set-up technology; you have to buy a compatible phone, many of which require your PC to be turned on – and you’re locked into Skype for your calls. Next, there are firms that use a standard technology called SIP but only let you use equipment they supply – like Vonage. It’s simple to get up and running, but again you’re locked into their call prices. With both these types of provider, you usually can’t dial people on other internet phone services free.

Finally there are companies that use SIP, without restrictions. Pick a phone that stores multiple SIP accounts, and you can use different companies for different calls, to get the best deal. You can also call other SIP phones free, whatever their provider. On the downside, setting up a SIP phone can be tricky for a new user.

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