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Nigel Whitfield, September 2006
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This is a brief summary CV, with basic details of some of my most recent work. You can find more examples of my work in the other sections of this site.

Present position

Freelance journalist, based in Hackney, East London. I usually work from home, where I am equipped with PC, Mac and Linux systems, and am able to test a wide range of software and hardware. I am also available to work on a full or part time basis in clients' offices, should the need arise.

Most of my work at present is on a single commission basis, for individual articles and reviews; I also undertake editing and re-writing work, for a range of clients. Additionally, I do IT and web consultancy for a range of organisations.

I am also one of the series editors on the Computer Active Ultimate Guides, responsible for commissioning, editing and managing six of the twelve issues each year.

In 2010 I started a new blog called Gone Digital to collect together work on digital TV, with some other technology stories.

Recent work

Following the closure of Personal Computer World, I have concentrated on writing reviews and features for two main titles, Computer Active and Register Hardware where I have focussed on digital TV, and in particular Freeview HD.

My previous work - examples of which you can find elsewhere on this site - includes many features for Personal Computer World, where I was also responsible for editing sections of the magazine, up until its closure in 2009. I also wrote extensively for ComputerActive, and some tutorials for a Readers Digest book.

I also had a bi-monthly Web Development column in PCW, which covered a wide range of issues, including a PHP tutorial that ran for over a year, and in early 2006 completed some documentation for a PVR manufacturer.

In 2005, for one of my consultancy clients, I implemented a web-based email distribution system, and made improvements to an existing email alias administration site, allowing them to manage a database of several hundred email aliases for their members.

Previous full time positions

Editor, Computer Buyer (Dennis Publishing), August 1993 to April 1995

Deputy Editor, Computer Buyer, December 1992 to August 1993

Features Editor, Computer Buyer, December 1991 to December 1992

Listings Editor, Computer Buyer, April to December 1991


Imperial College of Science and Technology, 1986-1989. Computing Science, BSc(Eng) (Hons), ACGI

Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire, 1979-1986. 'A' level Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Personal details

Born 18th November 1967, in Watford, UK, I hold British Citizenship and have a full UK driving licence.

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After leaving university, I worked for a short time in a small computer consultancy, which specialised in software for AS/400 and System/36. I left this job and concentrated on trying to find a position in the media, which resulted in my working on the launch of Computer Buyer in 1991.

My interest in media began at boarding school, where I worked on the school magazine. It continued at university, where I worked on Felix, the college newspaper, and also on Imperial College Radio; in my final year at Imperial, I was the Station Manager, and the experience I gained through the student media has been invaluable during my career.

In addition to my A levels, I have O level qualifications in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature, Geography, French and Latin, and A/O levels in Additional Maths and Computer Science.

Although a little rusty, I can usually make myself understood in French, though my written language is presently better than my spoken.

The programming language I studied most at Imperial was Modula 2; I currently program in PHP and Perl for most of my projects, though I have basic knowledge of C as well.

I'm skilled in the use of Windows, Macintosh and Linux/UNIX operating systems, including the management of servers and system applications such as Sendmail & Postfix, and also have a degree of familiarity with web sites using CMS.